How to distinguish the pros and cons of plastic food containers?

At present, most of the plastic lunch boxes on the market are polyethylene and polypropylene products. Both of these materials can withstand high temperatures above 100 ℃ and are safe to use. Consumers should pay attention to whether the product is marked with PE (polyethylene ) And PP (polypropylene), the most common “5″ represents “polypropylene”, that is, “PP” material. The temperature resistance range of this PP material is -20 degrees-120 degrees.


food container

How to identify whether the PP material is pure or not? In addition to looking at the brand and related test reports, it can also be identified by the following methods:

1. Smell: If there is a pungent plastic smell or there is still a smell after being filled with water, there is basically a problem.

2. Look at the appearance: compare similar food storage containers together, the more transparent, the purer.

3. Pinching hardness: You can pinch the hardness of the product. If it is too brittle or too thin, you can eliminate it; check the product’s logo, whether the logo is clear, and whether the plastic container body and lid have corresponding material labels.

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Post time: Jul-12-2021